Digital Museum for Endangered Languages and Cultures The Ryukyu Archipelago: Nishihara, Miyako Islands

デジタル博物館「ことばと文化- 琉球列島」宮古諸島 西原地区

Dialect card

Students caught using the local dialect had to hang a ‘‘dialect card’’ (a tag made of wood or paper) around their necks. They could pass the card on to another student if they caught them using the local dialect.

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Photograph: a dialect card at Kihoin Shushukan Museum, Taketomi Island (height: 17 cm, base: 5 cm, thickness: 9 mm).
From: ITANI, Yasuhiko. 2006. Okinawa no Hogen Fuda (The Dialect Card in Okinawa). Naha: Borderink.

Dialect card