Digital Museum for Endangered Languages and Cultures The Ryukyu Archipelago: Nishihara, Miyako Islands

デジタル博物館「ことばと文化- 琉球列島」宮古諸島 西原地区

Exhibition Hall

Here you can find information about Nishihara village, its history and how the local people have lived their lives in the past and present.

Overview of Nishihara

Information on the location, population, climate, and industries of Nishihara village is provided here.


History of Nishihara

Nishihara was founded by people who migrated from Ikema by order of the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1874. Here you can learn about the history of the village since the migration.


Daily life in Nishihara

Learn about the daily lives of the Nishihara residents through exhibits of their various religious rituals and festivals, important events, and foods.


Miyako sightseeing tours guided by Mr. Nakama

Mr. Nakama, former principal of Miyako High School, explains about some of the historical and/or scenic sights of the Miyako Islands.