Digital Museum for Endangered Languages and Cultures The Ryukyu Archipelago: Nishihara, Miyako Islands

デジタル博物館「ことばと文化- 琉球列島」宮古諸島 西原地区

Digital Picture Books

A series of stories for children set in the old days in Nishihara; created by Chieko Hanashiro, the principal of the Hiyodori Nursery in Nishihara.

Contents List

Contents Title Link
ffa sudati zyan nu hanasI (A story of a dugong who raised a child) To the subtitled movie
The tales of Granny Kanaru: mimamoribosi nu hanasl (A story of the guardian star) To the subtitled movie
horafuki huuki ozii (Grandpa Fuuki and his fish story) In preparation